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Help Improve your Breathing with Chiropractic Care

Help Improve your Breathing with Chiropractic Care
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Panama City Improved Breathing

Lung function is a good measurement of the overall health of an individual. A study was conducted on 58 patients to determine how cervical knee-chest adjustment influenced pulmonary function. Forced Expitatory Volume in one second (FEV-1), and Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) were measured before care and two weeks after care on a computerized spirometer.

Analysis of the spirometry measurements revealed statistically significant changes in FVC and FEV-1. Of the 58 patients, 33 (57%) were considered to have “abnormal” lung function before care. The rest were within the normal range. After receiving chiropractic treatment the abnormal group showed the greatest increases in FVC and FEV-1, over the two week study, with average increases toward 9% and 8%. The “normal” group also showed increases in just two weeks under chiropractic care.

The studies show that chiropractic can go a long way to restoring lung function. Visit our office to see how we can help you!

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