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Precision Navigation to Solving Back and Neck Pain

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Welcome to Spine Care Plus's Panama City chiropractic Archive. Here you can learn more about Spine Care Plus, Chiropractic, and Dr. Mike Colvin, today's choice for Chiropractors in Panama City, FL. Read Dr. Mike Colvin's Chiropractic Panama City chiropractic for the health of it.

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Precision Navigation to Solving Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain Panama City FL Neck Pain

Scary how technology has become a savior but also freakishly aware as we type back pain or neck pain into Google's intelligent search bar.  It not only auto fills our requests but gives us the closest locations that match our keyword searches. Today with the ease of navigation our health and quality of life should ...


Spring into Better Shape and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Panama City FL Wellness

Are You Ready to Spring into Better Shape and Health? Do you want to lose that stubborn weight?  Did you promise yourself that this year you would get into shape?  Do you want to feel young again and enjoy your health and life?  It can happen.  But, it is up to you to make a change. ...


Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain Panama City FL

As we get older, years of mechanical stress can lead to the deterioration of joints, ligaments, and tendons. This degenerative process, more commonly known as arthritis, primarily affects the weight-bearing joints in the body such as the hips and knees and those found in the lumbar spine. The shoulder, too, is also prone to undergo ...


Simple Mathematics to Eliminate Back Pain

Back Pain Relief Panama City FL

You do not have to be a great scientist like our favorite characters in The Big Bang Theory to view our world with the simple applications such as the laws of mathematics and physics.  We know simply that every action has a reaction and our world prefers to be balanced.  We solve life's equations for ...


The Slam Dunk on Avoiding Back Pain

Panama City FL Low Back Pain

Basketball season is about to begin!  Whether we play professionally, for a school team, or for a league on Sunday, one on point game plan should be to invest in the proper shoes to avoid future injuries and unnecessary pain. Too many people choose fashion over function when purchasing athletic shoes, not realizing that poor-fitting shoes ...


Top of the Podium for Chiropractic Care

Athletic Performance Albquerque NM

The vision of success and victory are measured by the successes of not only receiving high marks but how consistently a team or program can achieve the high marks of success.  As we cheer and stare in awe at our athletes we often look at the days well done performance without looking at all the ...


GMO’s Are Not The Same – The Toxic TechnoTruth

Panama City FL Food Safety GMO

The world as we know it stands in line for the next big thing to be here.  That application can be applied to mobile phones, cars, etc.  But should we really be applying this to our food? The Toxic Techno Truth Today our food has taken a new bionic makeover.  Unfortunately to create these new hybrids which ...


Fall Faster into Health

Immune System Panama City FL Health

School is back in session and It is common that parents find someone gets sick soon after school starts.   So this month let’s all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or more of these health habits to practice regularly. Ask one of our Team Docs what he or she suggests, and travel the ...


Panama City’s Guide Book to Back and Neck Pain

Guide for Back Pain Panama City FL Neck Pain

Years ago we would open maps that only the really skilled could fold back up again.  As the years of invention followed many great technologies were created to guide to not only where we wanted to go but with choices to fit our personal preferences.  Our lifestyles are similar with the bountiful choices.  Like our ...


Chiropractic Works – Celebrate Your Health

Panama City FL Chiropractic Works

Very soon Chiropractic will be celebrating another birthday.  For over a century of success Chiropractic has been helping people of all ages regain and retain their health.   Chiropractic is now the health care of choice for millions of parents and their children throughout the world. We are proud to do our part as our community’s ...


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