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Time To Spring Into Health

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Welcome to Spine Care Plus's Panama City chiropractic Archive. Here you can learn more about Spine Care Plus, Chiropractic, and Dr. Mike Colvin, today's choice for Chiropractors in Panama City, FL. Read Dr. Mike Colvin's Chiropractic Panama City chiropractic for the health of it.

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Time To Spring Into Health

Diet Health Panama City FL Nutrition

Are You Ready to Spring into Better Shape and Health? Did you promise yourself that this year you would get into shape?  Do you want to feel young again and enjoy your health and life?  It can happen.  But, it is up to you to make a change.  Do something different. Let's Do It! It comes down to ...


Avoid Back Pain, Not the Basket

Back Pain Panama City FL Leg Pain

Basketball season is upon us!  Whether we play professionally, for a school team, or for fun, it's time to stop defending the back court and  invest in the proper shoes to avoid future injuries. This way we can make the slam dunk of the season - without any lasting consequences. The majority of people choose fashion over ...


Jump Start Your Immune System This Fall

Immune System Panama City FL Wellness

The hustle and bustle of the fall season is now in full drive.  As the rushing to school, sports events or other important functions is on the fast track so may the attack on you and your families immune system.  So this month let’s all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or ...


Tools for School – Avoiding Low Back Pain

Backpack Safety Panama City FL Back Pain

Fall is here!  The first days of school have come and gone.  Now the once excited kids bend over or strain shoulders to hold the overly heavy backpacks that contain their school books and folders.  Unfortunately these over filled backpacks are heading our future generations into early back pain, neck pain, headaches and disease processes.  According to ...


Fast Track Your Recovery in Panama City

Back Pain Panama City FL Sciatica

For most, recovering from an injury is an exercise in itself. For an athlete, being told that you have to reduce or halt all activity in order to let the bone or muscle heal is equivalent to torture. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed the healing process so you ...


Quick Tips for Senior Fitness and Health

Senior Healthcare Panama City FL Fitness

Visions of our grandparents in their rocking chairs or stools are becoming more and more of a myth.  Extinct is their acceptance of getting old gracefully.  Do not let their gray hair fool you.  This generation of seniors is not taking age lying down; so take a moment learn from their wisdom on how Americans ...


Are You Missing Your Body’s Messages?

Headaches Panama City FL Pain Relief

Tink, Bling, Zip!  Attuned and trained like animals our smart phones have disciplined us well.  Our phones are so clever that we can create individual ring tones to differentiate which sender or app to respond to and allows us without action to respond or ignore. Hmm... Now let's translate this over to our missed messages from ...


A Big Thing To Review Panama City

Chiropractor Review Panama City FL Natural Healthcare

"Give a Review", "Review Us",  these are just a few simple phrases that have become very common in our every day lives.  Unfortunately, we now seem to prioritize virtually leaving a review rather than prioritize our health and share the wonderful successes.    Our successes help others find solutions to their health challenges which should ...


Precision Navigation to Solving Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain Panama City FL Neck Pain

Scary how technology has become a savior but also freakishly aware as we type back pain or neck pain into Google's intelligent search bar.  It not only auto fills our requests but gives us the closest locations that match our keyword searches. Today with the ease of navigation our health and quality of life should ...


Spring into Better Shape and Weight Loss

Weight Loss Panama City FL Wellness

Are You Ready to Spring into Better Shape and Health? Do you want to lose that stubborn weight?  Did you promise yourself that this year you would get into shape?  Do you want to feel young again and enjoy your health and life?  It can happen.  But, it is up to you to make a change. ...


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